The name drápóel [for those of you who are wondering] is "leopard" spelled backwards. We get asked all the time. 

My vision was to open a unique salon unlike any other in the area. The salon resides in an "antique" farmhouse - the E.C. Parker Farm, established in the early 1800's. 

In October 2005 we started to carefully renovate our space to expose the original hardwood flooring and 19th century architecture in an effort to restore the integrity of the original house.

Fast forward to today, and I think that you will find that I accomplished my original vision to create a unique salon. A salon where the decor is always changing to keep the look fresh and interesting.

Come in and see what we are all about - we'd love to show you around!

(Please read our salon policies under our SERVICES page before making your appointment)

Warmest regards,